Explore one of the most unexplored islands, an ideal destination for travelers looking for an alternative way of life. It is an ideal vacation spot for all ages. Live differently, swimming on deserted beaches or surfing on a sandy beach full of life.

Get to know the island by hiking, climbing or cycling and feel the real well-being, in natural landscapes of incomparable beauty. Share our rich cultural and historical heritage. Combine calm and intense life, relaxation and fun.

Learn the secrets of the longevity of its inhabitants by dancing at an Ikarian festival and drinking local wine until the next day. Come and let us host you, let us become Kariotes!

Ikaria, an island in the eastern Aegean, known from the myth of Icarus, a place of worship of the god Dionysus and the goddess Artemis was also called ICHTHYOESSA and ANEMOESSA. Its history is lost in the depths of the centuries, it experienced the pirate raids of the Saracens, it was conquered by the Byzantines, the Franks, the Genoese and the Turks. It was an autonomous state from July 17, 1912 until November 4 of the same year where it was integrated with Greece.

The hospitality and warmth of ordinary people in combination with the enchanting beauty of the island make IKARIA an ideal holiday destination. The landscape is constantly changing, wild, tame, it takes your breath away! The main attraction is the thermal springs, the beaches that take you to the sea, the traditional settlements with houses with stone roofs, the traditional festivals with the local wine, the rasko goat and the violins to play the Ikarian entertaining the people until the east of the sun. IKARIA integrates you in its rhythms and in the way of life of its inhabitants, making its visitors forget anxiety and speed, the identity of the city. It is the Circe of today that makes you dream of falling in love, of living the true side of life. Traditional recipes such as gamopilafo, soufiko, herb pies, fresh fish, honey, desserts, local wine, local dairy products make it very popular with its visitors.

Evdilos is the northern port of Ikaria. Built amphitheatrically, it is visible from the middle of the sea and is located in the center of the north side of the island. It is one of the most picturesque villages of Nikaria with traditional houses, picturesque cobbled streets, flowery courtyards, lush gardens, traditional cafes, nightclubs for food and drink. The port of Evdilos is connected with Piraeus as well as with Samos, Mykonos and Syros. Sailing boats and speedboats are hosted daily at its facilities.

There is a post office, ATM, port authority, police, KEP, health center and all related services of the Municipality. In the alleys of the village you will get food, clothing, gifts and you will also find hairdressers and car rental offices. On the nearby beaches of Kerame, Fles and Kyparissi east of Evdilos you can enjoy your swim while on the west side you will find the Plantation and the organized magnificent beach of Kampos.

Evdilaki, as the locals call it, will enchant you and will keep you going throughout your vacation, since in addition to its natural beauty, due to its geographical location, it can be the center of your wanderings on the island.